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The Harmony Between Music and Food

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Dirty Dancing By Myself

Listening to Blonde helps us momentarily escape and return to a world slightly more kind – not only from our surroundings but from ourselves

Proud I'm Proud of What I Am

Through quirky rhymes and left-field antics, 3 Feet High and Rising peacefully protested against oppression by empowering unconformity

We Go, Go On Pretending

The Album Bloom A common theme among the albums featured on Tastes & Tones is their ability to transform and distort one’s sense of...

Who's Willing to Try?

The Album What’s Going On Cracks forming in the Vietnam War began spreading across the oceans and to the cities back home in the late...

Strange, But Not a Stranger

This experience distills the energy of a time period into a single moment, that brings endless joy to experience and experience again.

I Understand Emotions are a Language

Featuring: Gatsby The Artist Gatsby “Who is Gatsby?” A pause. You can see the mind working behind the dreads shuttering out the glare of...

Peace Is Something That Starts With Me

The Album Kids See Ghosts We all have our struggles. Each and every one of us have our “black dog”, a feeling of self-doubt or a...

Dripping Off The Meat Grinder

The Album Madvillainy DOOM and Madlib welcome you into their villainous world, a comic book universe filled with off-kilter references,...

I Have Been a Mess of Late

The Album Future Me Hates Me This album rocks. It really does. The Beths’ debut LP Future Me Hates Me is a refreshing rock and roll...

You Soothe My Aching Soul

The Album The Water[s] The 2010s was a burgeoning time for the hip hop scene. For years, online pirating of music led to countless...

Let's Have a Toast for the Assholes

The Album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Fantasy is a look through stained glass into the darkest period in a jaded superstar’s...

Locked Down In This Cold, Cold World

The Album Liquid Swords GZA’s masterpiece Liquid Swords embodies the acceptance of paranoia always lurking in your periphery like a...

The Kids Just Ain't Alright

Section.80 embraces a life full of flaws and contradictions, showing that acceptance is the first step towards change.

I Want to Believe

Punisher is a peak into the diary of any partner or close friend you've ever hurt.

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Think about your favourite meal growing up. A hearty spaghetti, a gooey grilled cheese, maybe a sweet and creamy cheese cake. What emotions did you feel eating it?

Think about your favourite album. Picture the music, but also the time of your life when that album was special to you. It could have been the soundtrack to high school, or when you fell in love, or that special summer that beats the rest.

Do you feel nostalgia? Warmth? Excitement? Loneliness?

Food and music pair in a special way. They both have the power to evoke emotion like nothing else. But can they bring out similar emotions?

The goal of Tastes & Tones is to find out.  By pairing meals and albums that conjure similar emotions, dining and listening to music combine into a sensual experience like no other. All it takes is finding that match.

So don't just look at the pictures - cook the meals and play the albums. Doing so will satisfy all five senses and find a carnal harmony like never before. 

These are just ideas - never hesitate to try your own creations. Be the chef and curator of your own experience!

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