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We Talk It Over Continental Breakfast

The Album

Lotta Sea Lice

There are very few duet projects over the past few years that have been so seemingly unexpected but more of a seamless fit than when Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett announced an album together in 2017.

For a decade Vile had been spinning thoughts entangled together like spaghetti over his hazy and complex guitar soundscapes. Meanwhile, Barnett was rose to fame on the other side of the world with her promising EP A See of Split Pease and her magnificent debut welcoming us to Courtney’s loose, humorous and witty perspective on everything and nothing, Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit.

Each artist was on top of their craft when they joined together for Lotta Sea Lice. The album meanders at a walking pace, giving you time to slow down and smell the roses that Vile and Barnett each paint in their remarkably unique ways. Topics range from heavy and thoughtful to admittedly meaningless, flickering between each as freely as our brain moves between our own fragmented thoughts.

The beauty of this album is that it is easy to see that these artists could go on for days and days together because all it is the two of them opening us up to how they see the world. While Courtney finds the tongue in cheek irony about every situation in a charmingly refreshing light, Kurt is the excavator, looking beneath every experience to find its deeper meaning, full well knowing sometimes he’ll find nothing at all.

Overall, the journey through Courtney and Kurt’s conscience from the perspective of their careless and light-hearted spirits make this album endlessly enjoyable and soothing. You may relate to a few of their thoughts or none at all, but the album slows you down and encourages you to think about each and every experience that goes on in your day – no matter its seeming importance. It encourages you to look at things differently and find the humour and beauty in everything just like Kurt and Courtney do and express in their own unique ways. They’re just ordinary people doing ordinary things who made a masterpiece out of it – why can’t we do the same?


The Meal

A Lazy Breakfast – However You Want to Make It

Eggs, bacon, fruit, toast. Coffee. Simple ingredients, but hundreds of ways to make them. There is no right or wrong, no better or worse. All that is certain is that there is no better way to start off your day than a well-tended to breakfast.

This is the first T&T without a recipe to follow – simply make a hearty breakfast as you’d like. Make sure you put some time into it and enjoy it. My philosophy with food is the more time, effort and creativity you put in, the more enjoyment you will receive. So take the time to make bread, or poach your eggs, or cook your bacon slowly and evenly, or press your own orange juice, or find a nice bag of coffee to grind and French press (as opposed to the daily pre-work jet fuel you normally load up on). The attention to detail will make all the difference in starting your day off right.

Try and enjoy the breakfast with someone else over some great conversations… you’re in no hurry.

The Experience

The experience is centered around a basic principle – enjoying the little things. Taking your time, treat yourself (and others) to something special, and smile about it. We can all better embody this mantra in our life, so dedicate time to put on an album that will help you appreciate the nuances in life more and start your day off right.

Plus, nothing says happiness more than the smell of bacon on the stove and fresh bread cooking in the oven.

Just listen to how Kurt and Courtney describe their surroundings on the opening track “Over Everything”.

Courtney: “When I step outside to a beautiful morning Where the trees are all waggin’, my hair-flag waving The scenery ragin’, my life/love cascading, and the smog hangs Over everything”

Kurt: “When I'm outside in a real good mood You could almost forget about all the other things Like a big old ominous cloud in my periphery Don’t wanna talk about it Simultaneous I shout it”

Their point of view is refreshing. It is encouraging. It makes your life more enjoyable. The same can be said about treating yourself to something nice to start the day off. Give it a shot.

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