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The Harmony Between Music and Food

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Death or Glory

We all want to eat good and smash shit, and what better soundtrack to do that than London Calling?

A Flood of Blood to the Heart

The Album An Awesome Wave To me, the early years of the second decade of the millennium were filled with a sort of technological...

A Wonderful Illusion

Titanic Rising wasn't created to ease the pain of a crumbling world, it was created to find peace in it.

We Antagonist Bad Guys

You will find yourself way more irritable and unpleasant after listening to Run The Jewels… and you'll kind of like it.

Stealing Kisses

The Album Woman Rawness finds perfect balance with serenity on Woman, which sees Rhye express emotion with a touch as delicate and smooth...

Did You Want To Forget About Life

Antisocialites hands you a brush to paint watercolour brushstrokes over the backdrop of a dreary and monochromatic world.

Catching Heat

Kaytranada’s 99.9% is a colourful mixture of organic and unexpected flavours into an experience that lets each sound shine.

Earth Tones

Forever Turned Around acts as a soundtrack to memories of golden years that only exist in your faintest memories.

Style, Grace and Razamatazz

The Low End Theory is produced out of the discomfort of sitting still, where focused grooves bubble into snappy rhythms and jazzy hooks.

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Think about your favourite meal growing up. A hearty spaghetti, a gooey grilled cheese, maybe a sweet and creamy cheese cake. What emotions did you feel eating it?

Think about your favourite album. Picture the music, but also the time of your life when that album was special to you. It could have been the soundtrack to high school, or when you fell in love, or that special summer that beats the rest.

Do you feel nostalgia? Warmth? Excitement? Loneliness?

Food and music pair in a special way. They both have the power to evoke emotion like nothing else. But can they bring out similar emotions?

The goal of Tastes & Tones is to find out.  By pairing meals and albums that conjure similar emotions, dining and listening to music combine into a sensual experience like no other. All it takes is finding that match.

So don't just look at the pictures - cook the meals and play the albums. Doing so will satisfy all five senses and find a carnal harmony like never before. 

These are just ideas - never hesitate to try your own creations. Be the chef and curator of your own experience!

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